Bulk Material Handling Seminars

June 19, 2013


As I fly to Toronto, Canada this week to present seminars on bulk material handling through the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), I can’t help but reflect on the many positive benefits received from continuing education.

For the past seventeen years, I have had the privilege of presenting to thousands of engineers, scientists, technicians, and operators, specialized seminars focused on effective bulk material engineering principles.  Our popular courses have been delivered to hundreds of companies world-wide, and custom-tailored for industries such as chemicals, mining, cement, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

A common trend I have discovered at each course, seminar, or workshop, is the attendees’ thirst for practical knowledge.  Course attendees are taking their valuable time to attend training, and do not want to receive information that is highly theoretical, incomplete, or difficult to understand.

Simply, seminar attendees want to gain an understanding of the following:

–       why bulk materials do not flow like liquids

–       what are my bulk material’s characteristics

–       what can I do to bins, hoppers, or feeders to ensure reliable flow

At Jenike & Johanson, we have developed our seminar content to answer these key questions.  Our presentations, whether a one-hour webinar or three-day intensive course, are world-renown for being  practical, solutions-focused, and interactive.  Our seasoned experts have many years of bulk material engineering experience, and can routinely discuss the solids handling challenges of many complex industrial processes.

Other key benefits from taking a bulk material handling seminar include:

–       review of common material handling applications in other industries

–       receipt of continuing education units (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH)

–       opportunity to network with other engineers

–       a chance to see the local sights or maybe visit an old friend in town!

So, check out our upcoming training events to see if a bulk material handling seminar meets your requirements for timing or location.  [modal_contact link_text=”Contact us”] if you have any questions about a training event or for bringing a custom course to your site.  Register today to take the important step towards learning about bulk solids flow and equipment design for reliable, efficient operation.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming training event!

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