Address Process Non-Uniformity

What is Process Non-Uniformity?

A non-uniform process is defined as a situation where production irregularities occur.  For instance, a resin purging process may yield material that retains excessive hydrocarbons residuals, or, a drying process could consume excessive energy due to poor solids handling.

A non-uniform process results in inconsistent operation that can be difficult to control, generate waste, create safety hazards, and ultimately yield excessive operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

When & Where Can Process Non-Uniformity Occur?

Non-uniform processes can be the result of poorly operating equipment or system design. Unreliable flow through material handling equipment will negatively affect process uniformity.  Common bulk material handling processes involve:

  • Silos, bins, hoppers
  • Transfer chutes, conveyors
  • Drying, cooling, purging
  • Crushing, milling
  • Rail/truck loading/unloading
  • Dust collectors, process filters
  • Sizing, screening, scalping
  • Blending/mixing systems
  • Compaction/agglomeration
  • Packaging equipment

Why is Process Non-Uniformity a Problem?

Process non-uniformities can place an enormous burden on the manufacturing operation and downstream supply chain.  These burdens can include:

  • Product inconsistencies
  • Safety risks
  • Equipment failures
  • Poor process availability
  • Increased labor costs
  • Erratic product quality
  • Reduced production rate
  • Environmental hazards
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Customer complaints

How Can Jenike & Johanson Help to Avoid Process Non-Uniformity?

Achieving a uniform process starts with knowing how your material(s) will behave in a process or solids handing system.  An understanding of environmental conditions, throughput design requirements, and equipment operating capabilities is vital for selection of correct material processing equipment or systems.

Jenike & Johanson engineers have the specialized knowledge, real-world experience, and world-class bulk material testing facilities to help you with you bulk material processes.

Explore our solutions, review case studies, or contact us so we can meet your needs to implement a safe, efficient, and reliable material handling process.

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