Model of mass flow bin cluster and feed system

Conceptual & Functional Engineering

Functional Engineering of Silos, Feeders, Transfer Chutes, Stockpiles

In today’s competitive environment, just having a standard design for a silo, transfer chute, feeder, or stockpile may not be good enough.  In fact, implementing a design that does not carefully consider critical bulk material properties can lead to costs far exceeding the initial capital costs for the equipment.

This is precisely where Jenike & Johanson adds value in your engineering process.  Our conceptual and functional engineering designs are developed with thorough consideration of representative powder and bulk solids flow characteristics, and provide the critical information to convey the design intent.

Using our proven bulk material flow theories, cutting-edge analytical models (simulations of material and equipment interactions like discrete element method — DEM — modeling), and decades of experience, we determine the most cost-effective, safe, and practical designs to correct existing material handling problems, as well as to provide reliable equipment designs for new installations.


  • Storage systems: engineered to ensure reliable, consistent material flow
  • Processing vessels: developed to purge resin volatiles or act as a dryer
  • Feeders: optimized screw and belt feeders that maintain reliable flow
  • Stockpiles: designed to maximize gravity reclaim and avoid ratholing
  • Pneumatic conveyors: engineered for flow, prevention of wear & attrition
  • Peer reviews:  review of proposed system design from material flow basis

Our engineers do not only consider typical design parameters such as storage capacity, feed rate, or bulk density. We also focus on vital design factors (e.g., hopper angle, material of construction, outlet size) that will allow the equipment to work functionally from the start and provide decades of trouble-free operation.

Additional Services

Besides equipment that has been functionally engineered, we can also provide the following additional services to meet your material handling needs:

Contact us to discuss our functional engineering capabilities or other engineering services you may need to effectively complete your project.