Reduce Product Non-Uniformity

What is Product Non-Uniformity?

Product Non-uniformity is used to describe situations in which a product does not meet quality-control metrics set by your company, your customers, or a regulatory agency.  Product non-uniformity can mean a variety of different things for different industries.  For example, tablets produced by a pharmaceutical company may not have the required mass or content uniformity.  Or, a box of cereal flakes may contain too many fines or crumbs.

When & Where Can Product Non-Uniformity Occur?

Non-uniform product can be produced in the form of bags, packages, unit doses (e.g., tablets, capsules), batches, and sacks.  Poor flow and process variability can readily contribute to production of poor quality material.

Flow through material handling equipment such as silos, hoppers, feeders, transfer chutes, pneumatic conveying systems, and mechanical conveyors can generate product variability, as well as maintain uniformity, if done properly.

Non-uniform products can be the result of:

  • Particle segregation
  • Bulk density variability
  • Hygroscopic properties
  • Attrition or friability
  • Poor process control
  • Variable environmental conditions

Product Non-Uniformity can result in: Why is Product Non-Uniformity a Problem?

  • Customer complaints
  • Rejected product or recalls
  • Process inefficiency
  • Poor quality control
  • Erratic dosage weight, mass
  • Variable particle size
  • Excess waste or rework
  • Caking or agglomeration
  • Poor product appearance
  • Damaged reputation

How Can Jenike & Johanson Help to Avoid Product Non-Uniformity?

Preventing product non-uniformity begins with knowing your material.  It is then important to understand how your bulk solid will move through a process or equipment.  The type of flow pattern occurring in a silo, bin, or hopper can directly affect product uniformity.

Jenike & Johanson engineers are highly skilled in diagnosing product non-uniformity causes, and can provide practical approaches to improving the quality of your product.

Explore our solutions to your product quality needs, review case studies, or contact us so we can help you achieve high-quality, consistent, and safe product manufacture.


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