Bulk Material Testing

Why Material Testing?

Material testing is critical for successful delivery of an engineered solution that meets your powder or bulk solids handling needs.  Without accurate bulk material flow properties, equipment and system design will be based on guess-work.  Can you afford to risk your project’s success on limited material data, questionable assumptions, and equipment designs that will provide poor flow, segregation, and product or process non-uniformity?

To ensure reliable handling and processing of bulk materials, equipment and system designs must be based on relevant material characteristics measured at representative process conditions.  In our specialized, fully-equipped laboratories, we continually conduct bulk material flow and particle properties tests, pneumatic conveying tests, fluidization tests, and model novel processes and equipment.

Dr. Andrew Jenike developed the science for measuring powder and bulk solids flow properties and utilizing the results for engineering of material handling equipment such as silos, hoppers, transfer chutes, stockpiles, and feeders.  For 55+ years, we have performed testing on over 19,000 bulk materials consisting of powders, wet solids, flakes, pellets, granules, and fibers.



Common tests performed by Jenike & Johanson include:

  • Flow properties:  powder flowability; handling equipment design data
  • Segregation:  mixture or particle separation tendencies
  • Pneumatic conveying:  conveying behavior; minimum conveying velocity
  • Particle properties:  material characteristics such as shape, size, true density
  • Abrasive wear:  sliding wear effects against steel, ceramic, or plastic liners
  • Particle attrition:  particle’s tendency to break-down and generate fines or dust
  • Powder fluidization:  material’s ability to fully aerate and flow like a liquid
  • Powder caking:  material agglomerating, lumping, or clumping properties


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What If Material is Hazardous, Toxic, or Quickly Changes Its Behavior?

We routinely conduct flow properties testing on-site at manufacturing plants around the world.  We have highly experienced technicians that have the knowledge (i.e., test methods, safety training, personal protective equipment usage), skill in sample handling/preparation, and professional character required for completing the testing program at your plant, mine site, or R&D facility on-time and on-budget.

Our technicians have experience testing solids that are radioactive, highly toxic, explosive, narcotic or cytotoxic, and those that change properties over time, such as soap noodles, fresh crystals, or sticky resin produced right from the reactor.

Where to Now?

Continue to tour our expansive testing capabilities, or explore our typical project approach to see how Jenike & Johanson can cost-effectively meet your bulk material handling needs.