Powdered laundry detergent

Consumer Products

Consumer products like detergent or soap can face flow challenges during storage and handling, leading to issues like arching, ratholing, and powder caking, causing production delays, increased operator intervention, and potential product losses. Even seemingly free-flowing products, such as dry cell battery cathode blends, may experience segregation, negatively impacting batch quality, product uniformity, and final performance.

Consumer Products

On-time delivery and product quality depend upon reliable bulk material handling.

This industry is continuously searching for means to increase production, reduce manufacturing costs, improve product quality, or develop innovative products offering a competitive edge.  In order to meet these demands, producers must design the material handling equipment to provide consistent, reliable feed and maintain consumer product quality from formulation through final packaging.  Market success can quickly degrade due to a recall, series of customer complaints, or poor product performance.

Soap production

Soap production

Factory for the production of cosmetics and perfumes

Factory for the production of cosmetics and perfumes.


Consumer Products Industry Services

Whether you are batching raw materials to a mixing operation, transporting ingredients from a storage silo to a dosing bin, or high-speed filling of your product into bags, boxes, cartons, or sacks, Jenike & Johanson can help you achieve reliable material flow and maintain your consumer product quality from its inception to final form.

Press hopper

Press hopper

Press feed system

Press feed system

Engineering site visit to a battery plant

Engineers visiting a production plant to determine existing bulk material handling issues.


Common Consumer Products Industry Challenges

Many consumer products, such as detergent or soap, can be prone to poor flow due to arching or ratholing during routine storage and handling.  These flow problems can result in powder caking, production delays, increased operator intervention, or product losses.  Some products like dry cell battery cathode blends may be free-flowing, but have a high tendency to segregate.  Segregation of the final blend components can have an adverse effect upon batch quality, product uniformity, and final product performance.

Caking of material with poor flow

Caking of powdered material.


Common Materials Handled

Here is a shortened list of some of the most common bulk materials we have successfully handled in the Consumer Products industry to date. For more materials, please refer to our extended list of materials or ask us about your specific material.

  • Antacid
  • Baby Powder
  • Detergent, cleansers, soaps and sanitizers
  • Construction Materials
    • Asphalt
    • Grout
    • Plastic Lumber Product
    • Roofing Granules
  •  Cosmetics
    • Brake Lining Mix
    • Dental Adhesive
    • Deodorant
  • Dyes (various colors)
  • Fertilizer, grass, and plant seeds
  • Fungicide Ingredient
  • Kitty litter
  • Diaper material, super absorbent polymer
  • Tobacco
  • Toners

Consumer Products Industry Clients

Some of the clients who we have successfully provided bulk material engineering services for in the Consumer Product industry.

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Unilever
  • Duracell
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro
  • GAF/Elk Roofing
  • Xerox
  • Energizer
  • Clorox
  • Amway
  • Church & Dwight
  • Clorox
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Dial
  • Drackett
  • Duracell
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Eveready
  • GAF
  • General Electric
  • Great Lakes Carbon
  • Haartz
  • Hill’s Pet
  • IBM
  • Imperial Tobacco, Canada
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kal Kan
  • Kohler
  • Knauf Fiberglass
  • Lever Brothers
  • Manville
  • Nantong Celulose Fibers, China
  • Philip Morris
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Procter & Gamble de Mexico
  • RCA
  • Ralston Purina
  • Sociedad Pesquera, Chile
  • Xerox
Jenike & Johanson engineer
Jenike & Johanson engineer

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