Our Team of Experts

Jenike & Johanson has earned the world's most extensive bulk material handling experience through completing more than 7,500 individual projects over a six decade span

To meet your needs, we have assembled a world-class team of experts capable of sharing a wealth of information and practical experience for bulk material handling applications.  Our highly educated and skilled staff represents the single greatest source of knowledge about powders and bulk solids storage, handling, processing, and conveying.

  • Experienced: ≈ 900 years of combined plant design and operations experience
  • Educated:  Masters, Doctorate degrees in mechanical, structural, chemical, civil
  • Diverse:  Backgrounds from dozens of countries, industries, technologies

Massachusetts, USA

Dr. John W. Carson

President Emeritus

Herman Purutyan


T. Anthony Royal

Vice President of Technology

Eric P. Maynard

Vice President

James K. Prescott

Vice President

Brian H. Pittenger

Vice President

Dr. David A. Craig

Vice President, Director of Engineering

Roger Barnum


Dr. Jesús Chávez Sagarnaga

Director of Structural Engineering

Jairo Paternina

Senior Consultant

California, USA

Thomas G. Troxel

Vice President

Scott A. Clement

P.E., Senior Consultant

K. Eric Bengtson

Senior Project Engineer, Laboratory Manager

Carrie Hartford

P.E., Senior Engineer, Technical Sales Manger

Texas, USA

Dr. Jayant V. Khambekar

Senior Consultant / Regional Manager

Ontario, Canada

Tracy Holmes

P.Eng., President

Martin Esaki

P.Eng., Vice President

Chile, South America

Dr. Francisco Cabrejos

General Manager

Perth, Western Australia

Corin Holmes

Operations Manager / Project Engineer

Vinhedo, Brazil

Rogério Ruiz

General Manager