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Very knowledgeable, very well spoken, and a good teacher.

— Joe McKinley
Eagle Oxide Services


Eric & Andres were excellent instructors. They did a great job explaining simple concepts as well as the difficult concepts that are counter intuitive. They helped me understand the theory as well as the practical implementation of the course content. They drew examples from different industries which gave me a better perspective on the kind of problems Solids Handling engineers might have to troubleshoot during the course of their careers.
Biggest takeaway – “Avoid using Pyramidal Hoppers.”

— Rahul Subramanian
Eastman Chemical Company


“Speaker addressed the most common and troublesome issues in hopper design.”
Eric Maynard was a FANTASTIC presenter!! An amazing communicator who kept the class interesting and light while still giving us the ”meat and potatoes” of bulk material handling. Eric has a very high energy and great sense of humor, and involved the class in a way that was not intimidating. I expected a 3-day course crammed into 10 hours to be overwhelming but it was very manageable, comprehensible and never boring. Even our 82-year old Engineer Emeritus who has been handling bulk materials for over half a century remarked at how interesting the class was and how well Eric presented J&J’s course. We already recommended the course to clients in nearby MA while visiting their plant the next day, and will continue to do so with other clients across the country. After the class, Eric took a good deal of time to sit with our group of 6 and discuss how J&J could help us serve our clients via troubleshooting, solution recommendations and customized educational sessions. Bravo! Great Job!!

— Shawn Behrens
Robert Ober & Associates


“The course provided very useful information to help me better understand the whole world of bulk solids…Thank you again, for the good education and the follow up information. I appreciated the hospitality offered by everyone at Jenike & Johanson.”

— Greg Morin
Industrial Technologies


“The Jenike & Johanson course leader is among the best professors I’ve ever had! Nice work!  Good presentations; practical but with enough theory.  Provided usable skills.”

— Stephen Galante
Elf Atochem


“Great speaker and presenter knows his stuff!”
“Very informative; good ideas to take back to the factory.”
Great presentation that I found very usefull.

— Donald Brown
Teknor Apex Co.


“Thank you for the very informative class… I especially appreciated the time you took to address specific questions, as well as explanations on seemingly counter intuitive solutions. Keep up the good work!”

— Daniel Propst


“Very articulate; speaker obviously knowledgeable while being able to put theory in laymen terms or high level engineering terms.”
Your presentation was PACKED with helpful information! I am by no means an expert in material feeding, but I feel a lot better equipped to answer some of the basic questions I receive from my customers from time to time.  It was particularly helpful that you mentioned particular manufacturers of the equipment you discussed.  Thanks!

— Adrienne Lash
Houston Vibrator


“Useful, helpful, and practical; highly applicable.”
“Excellent course; plenty of examples with details about problem and solution for each.”
“I would like to thank both of you for putting on one of the most enlightening and informative classes that I have seen in my 25 years in the polymer industry.  It had an excellent balance of theory and practical application and was applicable to many applications beyond purge columns.  I got a lot of positive feedback from the attendees.”

— Joel Mutchler
Chevron Phillips Chemical


“Perfect depth for me, as I am a new engineer. Great speaker and gave good broad range of powder flow basics and silo design.”
The One Day Seminar on the Fundamentals of Bulk Solids Handling is an excellent overview for anyone in industry that handles bulk solids materials. The folks at J&J always present themselves with the utmost professionalism and expertise. I’ve worked with a some so-called ”experienced” engineering firms over the years that make a lot of conclusions with little data or analysis to back it up. In projects with J&J, all conclusions and recommendations have been based on sound engineering, testing and principles that are fully detailed for the customer.

— Tom LaRose
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters


I was very pleased with how engaging the instructors were. As someone new to the industry, the material was very easy to comprehend. There were a lot of helpful visual aids and real world examples throughout the course.

— Kimberlyn Comstock

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