Custom On-Site Courses


Custom On-Site Courses Overview

Our highly regarded courses are routinely delivered around the world at our clients’ plants, corporate headquarters, or event facility.  Jenike & Johanson provides much more than just training on bulk material handling and conveying principles.  Instead of simply teaching you the basic technology of bulk solids flow, we start with listening to your critical needs and then work with you to determine the training that will positively impact your productivity and bottom line.

For nearly 60 years, Jenike & Johanson has been delivering customized training courses on bulk material flow.  Our seminars have been provided to hundreds of companies, many of whom are part of the Fortune 500.  The training has been used by thousands of personnel in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, power, foods, cement, mining & minerals, and plastics.  Engineering firms and bulk material equipment vendors have relied upon our  training on bulk solids flow and transport to ensure they effectively assist their customers.

Do not just take our word at the quality and effectiveness of our presentations, review testimonials from past course attendees.

Benefits of Jenike & Johanson’s on-site, customized training include:

  • Program:  designed to meet specific needs and objectives
  • Instructors:  bring real-world experience, tools, and proven technologies
  • Materials:  expertly developed to reinforce training and learning
  • Industry Case Studies:  to maximize the educational experience

Additional benefits include:

  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Elimination of costly travel/living expenses for course attendees
  • Ability to discuss confidential information

Host a course in conjunction with other events to minimize expense and maximize attendance.

The course sponsor provides the training facility, including training room, audio/visual equipment, and coffee breaks/lunch, as appropriate.  The course sponsor may produce training materials from a Jenike & Johanson master or arrange for us to provide course notebooks (priced on a per-unit basis).  The sponsor also reimburses all direct expenses of the Jenike & Johanson trainer, including transportation, meals and lodging.

Contact us to discuss our training services and how they can help you to build the knowledge and skills needed to meet your organization’s specific training goals and objectives.

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