Modeling of powder handling process

Physical & Analytical Modeling

Physical & Analytical Modeling with Bulk Materials

Are you developing a unique process or design for a challenging bulk solid?  Jenike & Johanson has the experienced staff, knowledge, and specialized tools to perform both physical and real-world analytical modeling studies.  We understand the importance of making sure the models are accurately scaled geometrically and with respect to bulk material flow properties.

Physical Modeling Capabilities

  • Proof-of-concept prototyping, pilot-scale and unique solids process modeling
  • Powder fluidization and pneumatic conveying tests
  • Silo quaking, thumping, vibration testing, and analysis
  • Flow visualization experiments
  • High accuracy micro-feeding

Physical Modeling: Project Examples

  • Feeding a sticky, cohesive powder at extremely low rates (1 g/minute)
  • Micro-dosing a seasoning mixture uniformly
  • Aligning pharmaceutical tablets in a high speed filler
  • Filling of ammunition cartridges at high speeds
  • Feeding a reactor with biomass with continuous, high accuracy control
  • Operating powder fluidization model at high temperature
  • Testing of large particle bulk solids (e.g., coal and switch grass)

 Analytical Modeling Capabilities

Using proprietary tools developed in-house based decades of bulk material handling research and commercial software such as ANSYS®, we have extensive analytical modeling capabilities.

Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations of particle flow

  • Transfer chute analysis and design (use of calibrated DEM model)
  • Prediction of absolute wear in transfer chutes and hoppers/silos
  • Hopper analysis and design
  • Rotating equipment (kilns, blenders) analysis

Process Equipment Analysis

  • Particle-gas diffusion modeling for purge column residence time analysis
  • Particle drying analysis for design of direct drying (contact bed) systems
  • Gas-solids models for powder settlement, flow through lock-hoppers
  • Air blaster design tool for selection, location, and usage optimization

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

What’s Next?

Contact us to discuss how we can model your unique process, validate your designs, or develop specialized analytical models that accurately reflect your bulk material applications.