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Join us at the ALTA Conference in Perth.


We’ll be hosting a presentation about the breakthrough technology S.H.O.T.:

Comminution is a high-energy process in the mining industry, and that’s a problem.
As ore bodies age and grades decline, higher embodied energy input is needed for comminution to maintain production.

The consequences increased costs and higher carbon footprint.

So what’s the solution? Our breakthrough microwave technology S.H.O.T.!

We’ve developed a pathway to commercial application of microwave technology for the mining industry.

This new approach has proven to work at over 150 t/hr, and can be integrated with bulk solids handling at scale.

Our team will deliver a presentation on this at the ALTA Conference in Perth (Australia) next month. The session will go into detail about the impact of induced fractures on conventional grinding/ flotation circuits, on the performance of leach systems, and on new flowsheets with the potential to deliver a paradigm shift in carbon emissions from mineral processing circuits.

Catch our presentation at the ALTA on Tuesday, 5/28 at 12 pm.

May 27 - May 31