Bulk Solids Quarterly – July 2013

Message From The CEO

This April marked the 60th anniversary of Dr. Andrew Jenike’s decision to dedicate himself to the field of bulk solids storage and flow.  The scientific approach to bulk solids testing and equipment design he pioneered continues to benefit industries far and near, large and small, from toner recycling to manufacturing of cake mixes, from glass making to biofuel processing.  Engineering processes and equipment designs based on the measured properties of the bulk solid to be handled ensures processes perform as desired right from the beginning, with high efficiency, high quality and without compromising worker safety.

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DEM Analysis Pinpoints Transfer Chute Problems

A major cement manufacturer in South America was experiencing transfer chute plugging with a highly cohesive limestone and clay mixture.  During rainy periods, the chute would plug every few hours, requiring operators to manually dig-out the contents in the chute and wash it down with high pressure water. Jenike & Johanson visited the cement plant to determine the cause of the plugging problem in the transfer chute.  This chute was just one of several in a belt conveying system that delivered raw materials from a remote quarry to the plant.

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Behind the Scenes at J&J 


Martin Esaki, a senior consulting engineer in our Toronto office since 2005, has been involved in and managed a number of bulk solids handling systems, testing, and analysis projects with major mining and engineering companies. With a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Brazil, he wanted to get to know the world and learn new languages. The first stop in his international travels was France, then England, the Netherlands, Angola, Congo and Gabon.



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Jenike Blog of the Month 

by Tony Royal

I’m on my journey to Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference http://developer.apple.com/WWDC. It sold out in less than two minutes! Guess I’m not the only one that has a high interest in good user interface design. The Cocoa API’s and the Objective-C language have been a powerful combination for Jenike & Johanson to grow and deploy to all engineers, cutting edge tools for design and analysis of bulk solids handling systems including Discrete Element Modeling (DEM). Looking back in time, some of our solutions to the differential equations for solids flow that used to take longer than overnight, are now connected to slider controls which can change a boundary condition, recompute a solution, and display the new solution ten times per second. I can only hope this will be possible with DEM someday.

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Recent Publications 

Power Engineering Magazine – PRB Coal Material Handling Challenges and Solutions

As a result of recent environmental regulations, many utilities in the United States have already switched or are thinking about switching to Powder River Basin (PRB) coal. One of the primary reasons for this is the low sulfur content of PRB coal. While low in sulfur (0.4 to 1.4 LB/MMBTU), PRB coal is also low in heating value (8,000 to 9,400 BTU/LB, on an as received basis, depending upon the mine or area it is coming from). Thus, typically, larger volumetric feed rates are required when using PRB coal. While changing fuel to PRB coal can help emission control, one also needs to be aware of the effects of changing fuel on the existing material handling system at the plant.

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Events Calendar

July 18, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
One Day at J&J – Bulk Solids Handling – Flow Fundamentals Seminar

Sept 11-12, Brisbane, Australia
Sept 16-17, Perth, Australia
Bulk Materials Handling Problem Solving

Sept 13, Brisbane, Australia
Sept 18, Perth, Australia
Transfer Chute Problem Solving


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