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January 2015 – Five Fundamentals for Effective Blend SamplingPowder and Bulk Engineering Magazine


November 2014 – Operating Direct Contact Heat ExchangersChemical Engineering Magazine

September 2014 – What has Your Furnace Feed Bin Done for You Lately?Glass International Magazine

July 2014 – Design of the TimesWorld Coal Magazine

July 2014 – Feed Considerations for Continuous DryersPharmaceutical Processing Magazine

April 2014 – Fundamentals of Bulk Solids Mixing and BlendingChemical Engineering Magazine

March 2014 – Current Events in Blend and Content UniformityPharmaceutical Engineering Magazine

March 2014 – Emerging Computational Tools for Predicting Mixing of Bulk SolidsPowder & Bulk Solids Magazine

March 2014 – Preventing Moisture Caking: The Unwanted AgglomerationPowder and Bulk Engineering Magazine

February 2014 – Don’t Get Caught in a RatholeWorld Cement Magazine



December 2013 – The Importance of Feedrate Control in Size ReductionPowder and Bulk Engineering Magazine

October 2013 – Understanding and Preventing Metal Dust HazardsInternational Journal of Powder Metallurgy

September 2013  – Fundamentals of Bulk Solids Mixing and BlendingChemical Engineering Magazine

July 2013 – Treat Silos With RespectPowder and Bulk Engineering Magazine

July 2013 – Best Practices for Using Ground Peanut Hulls in Shipping ContainersPowder and Bulk Engineering Magazine PBENews

March 2013 – PRB Coal: Material Handling Challenges and SolutionsPower Engineering Magazine

March/April 2013 – Feeder or Conveyor: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?Australian Bulk Handling Review



August 2012 – Conquering Cofiring Flow ChallengesBiomass Magazine

September 2012 – Using DEM to Solve Bulk Material Handling ProblemsChemical Engineering Progress

May 2012 – Continuous Powder BlendingPharmaceutical Processing Magazine

April 2012 – Avoid Bulk Solids Segregation ProblemsChemical Engineering Progress

February 2012 – Flyash Handling: Challenges and SolutionsPower Engineering Magazine



September 2011 – Designing Dust CollectorsChemical Engineering Progress 

April 2011 – Solids DryingChemical Engineering Magazine (Ask the Experts)

March 15, 2011 – Sampling: A Vital Process in Evaluating Blending and Segregation ProblemsPowder Bulk Solids

March 2011- Considerations for Steering Particle SizePharmaceutical Processing Magazine

February 2011 – Addressing Segregation of A Low-Dosage Direct BlendPharmaceutical Technology

January 2011 – Consider Wet Agglomeration to Improve Powder FlowChemical Engineering Magazine



Oct 2010 – Improving Powder Flow During Pharmaceutical OperationsRx Times

June, 2010 – Troubleshoot and Solve Pneumatic Conveying ProblemsChemical Engineering Progress

May 2010 – What You Don’t Know About Solids Flow Can Hurt Your Feeding EfficiencyPlastics Technology

May/June 2010 – Content Uniformity and Reliable Powder FlowPharma

February 2010 – Efficient Drying of Bulk Solids in SilosPowder & Bulk Solids