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Introduction to Flow Aids

It is not hard to imagine that early in our evolution the first people to store powder or ground material in a container very quickly found themselves hitting the container to get the stuff out. This was usually caused by … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bittencourt da Costa presenting at Centro Universitário da FEI

  Elizabeth Bittencourt da Costa, an engineer in our Brazilian office, recently presented to the Centro Universitário da FEI during their engineering week. Here’s the course in her own words: No dia 14 de Outubro realizei uma apresentação na Semana da Engenharia do Centro … Continue reading

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Join us at the 2015 AIChE annual meeting!

   John Carson and Thomas Baxter all will be attending the annual AIChE meeting in Salt Lake City Utah next week. Our team will be presenting: Powder Characterization and Trouble-Shooting Methods for Successful Process-Scale up Manufacturing oral solid dosages involves several key powder handling steps, including blending, transfer, storage, … Continue reading

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Oh no! Our product is not uniform – we have a segregation issues – what do we do now?

Segregation issues can be tricky. If you handle a bulk materials that have different physical and/or chemical properties such as, particle sizes, shapes, densities, or resiliency, then it is possible that the material will segregate during transport and storage. Segregation is defined as … Continue reading

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The Life of Bulk Solids

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Take two of these and you will feel better in the morning

Wouldn’t it be nice if successfully addressing powder handling challenges in the pharmaceutical industry were as easy as taking the oft-cited doctors’ advice of “take two of these and call me in the morning…” ? A little over a month … Continue reading

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Are you ready for continuous manufacturing?

Although continuous manufacturing has been used in other industries for centuries to produce products ranging from glass bottles to breakfast cereals, it is still in its infancy in the pharmaceutical industry.  This situation has often prompted the question among pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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The Trials Of A Trial And Error Approach

Let’s set the stage…you’re an engineer at a manufacturing company that handles a bulk solid material at some point in your production chain. Many of your colleagues are also engineers, and very intelligent ones at that. You and your co-workers are … Continue reading

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Gone With the Wind or Slipped Through the Cracks

  If you are handling a blend of powder ingredients such that some of the ingredients are relatively fine and others are coarse, did you ever experience that the ingredients were separating during handling? Were you ever left wondering where … Continue reading

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How Bulk Material Variations are a Drag on our Economy

  At J&J, we encounter many situations where bulk material processes operate at an “adequate level” only, leaving room for improvement with the final product. One such challenge has to do with segregation, or variations in the properties of the bulk … Continue reading

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