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Whiteboard Friday: Effective Head

Our Project Engineer Josh Marion about effective head and why we use it.

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Moving Bed Catalytic Reactors

Fixed bed catalytic reactors, in which a gaseous reactant stream passes through a catalyst bed, is frequently used for synthesis, combustion, and effluent treatment. Radial flow reactors are preferred when a low pressure drop is desirable. Fixed bed reactors can … Continue reading

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If you can’t grow it, you gotta dig it up-and then handle it!

Take a few moments to look around you and subtract all the objects and energy sources that aren’t grown and you soon get an impression of what life would be like without mining (you should be seeing something resembling Gilligan’s … Continue reading

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Top 5 Functions of a Furnace Feed Bin

Your furnace feed bin maybe one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in your glass plant! The bin serves as the main entrance to the value-added portions of your process, and is vital for continuous production and plant operation. … Continue reading

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The consolidation of snow

I was always on the losing side of a snowball fight, until I joined Jenike & Johanson. Snowballs lofted at me by my enemies would invariably leave a mark, whereas snowballs that I tossed would disintegrate as they sailed towards my … Continue reading

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Measuring caking by material unconfined yield strength

Caking is a natural phenomenon. It could happen to your powder product whether you want it or not. If the caking is a quality problem that is resulting in multiple complaints, here is how you can determine the caking behavior … Continue reading

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Time Tests and the Test of Time – The Jenike Direct Shear Tester

It’s been over fifty years since Andrew Jenike published Bulletin 123, which summarized how he used a direct shear cell tester to measure the flow properties of powders and then used the results to design reliable hoppers, bins, and silos. … Continue reading

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I’ve had my material tested… now what?

Have you ever wondered how the data from your material testing report is being used? Take a few minutes and find out how the design of your hopper is informed by the testing of your materials in our labs!

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Slow and steady progress – ASTM D18.24 subcommittee updates

Sometimes progress occurs so slowly that it appears that nothing is changing.  Looking back over the last two decades, it is clear that the importance of characterizing and using the flow properties of bulk solids in design is becoming mainstream. … Continue reading

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