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Solving Transfer Chute Plugging at Power Plant

A leading power generation company operating a 600 MW coal-fired power plant recently started using coal that contained more moisture and fines than what the plant was originally designed to handle.   The plant had a system of belt conveyors that … Continue reading

Transfer Chute Plugging with Sticky Limestone/Clay Mix

A major cement manufacturer in South America was experiencing transfer chute plugging with a highly cohesive limestone and clay mixture.  During rainy periods, the chute would plug every few hours, requiring operators to manually dig-out the contents in the chute … Continue reading

Transfer Chute Plugging Solved at Iron Ore Export Terminal

A major iron ore exporter in South Africa was experiencing major delays in the material loading operation created by flow stoppages.  This disrupted schedules, leading to higher shipping costs.  A key right-angle transfer chute in the process had to handle … Continue reading

High Flow Rates and Densities with Fine Kaolin Clay

One of our clients had a problem of packaging different grades of kaolin clay uniformly into bulk bags at high rates.  The clay’s poor handling characteristics made it very difficult to maintain uniform discharge from the 100 ton silos to … Continue reading

Quality Improved with Reduced Segregation at Libbey Glass

Libbey Glass is the leading producer of high quality, machine made glass tableware in North America. The soda-lime glass used for beverage glasses is primarily composed of silica, limestone, soda, and cullet (crushed, recycled glass).  This mixture is referred to … Continue reading

CSL Innovator Self-Unloading Ship Operates Efficiently

Built for world-wide ocean trade by Canada Steamship Lines (CSL), the CSL Innovator is a Panamax-class self-unloading vessel.  (Panamax-class refers to a ship that has a dead weight of between 60,000 and 70,000 tons and is capable of traversing the … Continue reading

Cohesive Clay and Limestone Raw Material Handling at Cemex

Cemex produces over 1 million metric tonnes of cement per year at their Clinchfield, Georgia (USA) plant.  This capability is due in large part to a successful plant modernization and expansion that started with engineering in 1997 and finished with … Continue reading

Gypsum Flow Problems Solved at Lafarge Cement

Lafarge’s Joppa, Illinois cement plant had experienced severe flow and operational problems with their gypsum bin.  These flow problems significantly impacted productivity, created housekeeping and safety issues, and required the limited available manpower to spend significant time tending to these … Continue reading

Fixing Costly Limestone Flow Problems at Titan Cement

Titan America manufactures Portland cement at their Medley, Florida USA plant, and in June 2004 commissioned a new 5,000 ton per day kiln that greatly increased clinker production capability and efficiency.  However, due to poor flowing raw materials handled in … Continue reading


The Cement industry provides the main building material for commercial, residential, and governmental projects involving infrastructure (e.g., roads, bridges, tunnels). Most new plants or line expansion projects are seeking techniques to reduce production costs, while minimizing adverse environmental impact during … Continue reading