“Solve Solids Flow Problems in Silos, Stockpiles, and Chutes” – Sept. 9-10 & 13-14, Australia

November 05, 2012

This course provides participants with a fundamental grounding in the key areas of bulk solids handling equipment selection, design, and troubleshooting. Strategies for alleviating costly flow problems in silos, stockpiles, feeders, and transfer chutes are presented, as well as proven techniques to design solids handling equipment so that it operates efficiently, safely, and reliably from the start.

A review of bulk material flow fundamentals will be presented, including common flow problems, types of flow patterns in equipment and how flow properties of bulk solids are measured. Feeder design and troubleshooting techniques are also discussed.

The participant will learn how to design and solve problems with gravity reclaim stockpiles handling either coarse/free-flowing or cohesive bulk solids. Strategies for reliably and safely handling fine powders in silos will be presented, along with proven techniques for designing transfer chutes to prevent plugging, abrasive wear, dust generation and spillage.

Segregation mechanisms will be discussed, as well as practical methods available to minimise or eliminate any negative effects of segregation.

The course material is supplemented with practical examples to illustrate concepts taught.

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