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Stockpiles Overview

Gravity reclaim stockpiles are an effective way to store large quantities of material. 

Our gravity stockpile reclaim designs are engineered based on the measured flow properties of the bulk solid being handled, using proven in-house developed methods.

Each of our gravity stockpile reclaim designs is based on an expanded flow principle which incorporates mass flow hopper(s) at the stockpile base.  This is critical to provide the required stockpile live capacity and to minimize loads on the stockpile feeder.


Conical stockpile of iron ore.

Stockpile live capacity

Rathole in a stockpile

Our Approach

How do we design stockpiles?

Jenike & Johanson specializes in stockpile engineering, whether troubleshooting problems or implementing a new stockpile for a challenging bulk material.  Our approach is based on proven material handling theories, bulk solids flow properties, and decades of experience designing gravity reclaim stockpiles that maximize live capacity.

We provide effective functional engineering for stockpiles considering:

  • Configuration that meets your needs (e.g., live capacity, spatial constraints)
  • Critical bulk material properties to determine feeder sizing, hopper design
  • Key pile features:
    • Pile geometry (either conical or prismatic)
    • Total capacity and live reclaim in tonnage or percent of total capacity
    • Number, location, and critical spacing of hoppers and feeders
    • Hopper construction material for mass flow, abrasive wear needs
    • Feeder design: type, size, speed, power, interface details
    • Feeder loads that occur during initial fill and mass flow discharge
Our Expertise

Experience Highlights

  • Retrofit of hoppers beneath 20,000 T capacity limestone stockpile to increase live capacity from about 7% to 19% of total storage capacity
  • Design 100,000 T iron ore stockpile feeding a weigh system discharging into a continuously moving unit train that runs from inland to an export terminal
  • Development of 10,000 T capacity stockpile that handles limestone/clay mixture with wide range of cohesive properties and particle size
  • Engineering of 50,000 T capacity gold ore stockpile that must handle fine and coarse particle fractions
Next Steps

What's Next?

After completion of the stockpile’s functional design, Jenike & Johanson can provide structural design services that result in drawings needed for hopper fabrication.

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