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November 05, 2012

The complete Mixing and Blending Lecture Series by Eric Maynard is now offered at a 20% discount.

For only $94, payable via credit card online. you can  watch Eric’s complete lecture series, Sessions 1, 2 and 3.

Mixing and Blending of Powders

Obtaining a uniform blend of dry bulk solids is a problem  faced daily by engineers and operators in industries as varied  as pharmaceuticals, foods, plastics, and battery production.

Typically, selection of an industrial blender is not made  based on scientific principles, rather, a blender is often  chosen based on other factors, such as, equipment cost,  relationship with a blending equipment supplier, or use of  a previous model.

Although there are no first-principles mathematical solutions  for selecting a blender, proven, practical guidelines do exist  which aid in the process of selecting a blender vs. using  a costly and time consuming trial-and-error approach.

Information provided by this lecture series can effectively  help an engineer, formulator or plant operator with the  mixing and blending fundamentals required to troubleshoot  mixing difficulties or selection of equipment for a powder  blending application

Free Previews

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Each lecture includes downloadable class notes and a self  administered quiz with answer sheet.

21-Day Subscription

The 21-day subscription allows you and your associates time to  watch and review each video class as many times as you need.

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