Site Visit

Why a Site Visit?

A site visit by one of our engineers is a valuable component of an engineered bulk material handling solution.  Collection of accurate information is vital for a thorough root cause investigation into your needs such as: poor material flow, segregation, product or process non-uniformities, and equipment failures.

Our projects start with a review of your unique material, powder, or bulk solids storage, processing, and engineering needs.  Jenike & Johanson engineers routinely conduct site visits to manufacturing plants, mines, and R&D facilities around the world with short notice.  We have the required skills and experience to efficiently collect vital project information, work safely in your facility, and effectively communicate our immediate findings to you and your team.

 Site Visit Services

To meet your needs, our engineers provide the following key bulk material services on-site:

  • Troubleshooting:  review of poor flow and powder segregation problems, collection of critical process information, and discussion of project scope
  • Process audit:  engineering review of bulk material handling system operation focusing on reliability, efficiency, safety, and product quality
  • Structural inspectionstructural review of steel or concrete storage vessels and its vital supports to identify any critical structural issues
  • Training:  delivery of customized courses on theory and practice of effective bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying principles

Our time on-site is as needed to meet your project needs.

 Site Visit Report

After the site visit, a report is delivered with:

  • a summary of the solids flow problems that were observed and discussed
  • an explanation of what may be the cause of the material handling problems
  • a description of possible solutions
  • an outline of the next steps required to develop recommendations
  • an estimate of fees and timing to perform these tasks

 After the Site Visit

What are your most important bulk material needs?

Jenike & Johanson is prepared to help you.  Explore our project approach which highlights our expansive bulk material testing and engineering expertise.