Bulk Handling Equipment Design & Supply

Jenike & Johanson can supply custom engineered equipment.

When faced with unique bulk material handling challenges, Jenike & Johanson can provide innovative equipment designs engineered for your challenging applications.  In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, bulk solids equipment must work from the start, operate reliably, and have a long service life.

During equipment engineering, we carefully consider the flowability of the bulk material, as determined through flow properties testing.  This approach eliminates typical problems seen in bulk material handling designs when the equipment is specified without a complete understanding of a material’s flow behavior or unique characteristics such as abrasiveness, friability (attrition or breakage of particles), or dustiness.

From concept – design – engineering – optimization – fabrication – supply

Reliable flow often depends upon seemingly small, but very significant, construction details. To ensure that our equipment works effectively, we take responsibility for all such details when we supply custom equipment.  The result is dependable, quality equipment with a long life.

Equipment We Supply

Unique Experiences

  • Design of hand-held seasonings applicator for one of the world’s largest fast food companies. Equipment designed to accurately dose seasoning reliably and without segregating the blend.
  • Engineering of an automated let-down tube/sock system for preventing dusting and fluidization segregation during discharge of a fine powder from a tumble blender to a bin
  • Development of large-sized slide gate design (with opening of 2 m by 4 m) for a high capacity mining application
  • Prototype design and testing of pilot-scale biomass feed system and design for commercial-scale unit