Jenike & Johanson Announces New Office in Houston, Texas

October 09, 2013
New Office to help better serve South Central US region

August 13, 2013 – Tyngsboro, MA – To support the strong growth of our clients in the United States, we are pleased to announce that Jenike & Johanson have opened a new office in Houston, Texas:

Jenike & Johanson Inc.
810 Hwy 6 South, Suite 231
Houston, TX 77079
Tel: 281-921-1998

Our new Houston office will help us better serve our clients in the South Central U.S. region. This office will work with other J&J offices to continue to provide all of our services to clients in this area, as well as across the globe.

Dr. Jayant Khambekar, Senior Project Engineer, will be the primary contact for this office. For further information regarding the new Houston office please contact Dr. Khambekar.



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