Jenike & Johanson Expands Its Global Headquarters

May 14, 2014


May 13, 2014 – Tyngsboro, MA – Jenike & Johanson conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for their office expansion on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at their global headquarters on 400 Business Park Drive. The firm moved into their current office space in 2006, and continued growth has dictated that they expand to accommodate increased staff and laboratory needs. This represents nearly a 75% increase to their current operation.

Pictured left to right are: Bill Hamel – President of Senate Construction; Brian Pittenger – Director of Business Development, Jenike & Johanson; Michael Gilleberto -Tyngsboro Town Administrator; John Bukala, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Bank; Herman Purutyan – CEO Jenike & Johanson; Tony Royal – VP of Technology, Jenike & Johanson; John Carson – President, Jenike & Johanson; Joel Delorey – Construction Manager with Senate Construction

The ceremony included remarks from the Tyngsboro town administration regarding Jenike & Johanson being a strong, positive member of the community and its history of stable long-term growth. The project contractor, Senate Construction, welcomed the opportunity to provide rapid construction using a local workforce with care and attention to the environment. The financial community, represented by Enterprise Bank, welcomed the investment and stressed its continued long-term support of Jenike & Johanson’s reliable business performance and global reach.

The new addition enables the doubling of the current engineering and advanced modeling and simulation staff. Jenike & Johanson will be immediately filling nearly a quarter of the space with new engineers hired from around the globe. The company has plans to fill the remaining offices over the next few years. Also, the new addition includes enclosed space where they plan to expand their world-class testing laboratory with new equipment and staff as needs dictate.


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