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S.H.O.T. - Selective Heat Ore Treatment

S.H.O.T. microwave technology is an electric-based, non-mechanical treatment comminution solution.

Novel S.H.O.T. Technology

As ore bodies age and grades decline, increasingly higher embodied energy input is required for comminution (grinding) to liberate minerals and maintain production, which both increases costs and the carbon footprint of these operations. It has been said that comminution consumes up to ~4% electrical energy globally, such that any significant reduction in this energy usage will have tremendous environmental impact.

S.H.O.T. microwave technology is a unique pathway to impact these challenges.


S.H.O.T. model

The S.H.O.T. Solution

What can be claimed as the most significant breakthrough in rock fracturing since the HPGR, S.H.O.T. microwave technology uses electric-based, non-mechanical comminution treatment as a pathway to significant energy reduction and enhanced mineral recovery in mineral processing. The fundamental microwave technology has been developed by staff at the University of Nottingham, UK, with Jenike & Johanson providing solids handling expertise and engineering and supply capability to bring this exciting technology to market.

How does it work?

Microwave energy that is typically in the range of 0.3 to 3 kWh/t impacts a flowing ore stream. Differential heating results in fracture at the rock mineral-grain interface, effectively liberating the valuable mineral more efficiently and effectively.

Is it proven?

Both the microwave and bulk solids technologies have been well proven both in the theoretical world and in practice at a 150 tph pilot scale.


Customer & environmental benefits

The innovative SHOT technology offers numerous advantages that contribute significantly to enhancing efficiency within the mining sector while also promoting positive environmental outcomes.

Customer benefits:

  • Significant reduction in comminution energy
  • Significant plant throughput increase for grinding and beneficiation circuits
  • Equivalent liberation at a coarser grind size
  • Improved social licensing


Environmental benefits:

  • Decarbonization due to less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less global warming
  • Less climate change

What can S.H.O.T. do for your ore?

Watch our S.H.O.T webinar on-demand to learn more.


Jenike & Johanson engineer
Jenike & Johanson engineer

Are you Curious How S.H.O.T. Could Impact Your Mining Plant?

S.H.O.T. is available for commercial site demonstration deployment (up to ~800 t/hr) for suitable ore bodies.

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