Dr. Grant Wellwood

Grant joined Jenike and Johanson in 2016 after being a customer for over 30 years. His career focus has been the development of technologies featuring bulk solids and powders across a range of disparate industries including food, biomass, mining and mineral processing, metal powders and environmental protection.

While initially a special matter expert (fluidization), Grant later transitioned into leading multi-disciplinary technology development design teams. Even in these strategic roles Grant retained his hands-on interest in the science of bulk solids and powders; appreciating the fact that overall success usually depends on the controlled presentation of bulk solids to and through most unit operations. As a result he has numerous process patents and publications in this area.

Grant received his Bachelor degree (Chemical Engineering) from the RMIT University (Melb) and his PhD, which investigated the control of acid gas using calcined alumina in a novel lean-phase reactor, from the University of Queensland.