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What’s the difference between your problematic bulk solids feeder and Michael Corleone?

Many of you may recall hearing Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone of the legendary Godfather series say, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” We engineers at J&J can almost hear some of the problematic bulk … Continue reading

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I’ve had my material tested… now what?

Have you ever wondered how the data from your material testing report is being used? Take a few minutes and find out how the design of your hopper is informed by the testing of your materials in our labs!

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Why does my coal feeder need a standpipe?

Standpipes are included as a feature in most power plant solid fuel feed systems, and yet their function is often not well understood. We have encountered many situations where the original design basis was sufficient, but a change in fuel … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Chutes and Ladders. Oh and Everything Should be 70°

  After handling a bulk solid for years, many believe that they know their material. They know which equipment works well and where in the system plugs are likely to occur. They know where to have the sledge-hammers ready, and … Continue reading

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Silos Design Limits

  I have spent my entire professional career – now approaching 43 years – at Jenike & Johanson. Working with clients to solve or prevent problems involving the storage, flow and processing of bulk solids has been both challenging and … Continue reading

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Bulk Material Handling Seminars

  As I fly to Toronto, Canada this week to present seminars on bulk material handling through the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), I can’t help but reflect on the many positive benefits received from continuing education. For the … Continue reading

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