Energy & Power

The Energy and Power industries have undergone major changes as a result of economic, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

Key changes include co-firing biomass with coal, installing air pollution control (APC) and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems, or switching to low-sulfur (e.g., PRB) or waste coals (e.g., gob, culm).  Whether feeding a pulverized coal combustor (PCC), a circulating fluidized bed (CFB), or stoker boiler, reliable handling of fuels and their waste streams is critical to energy and power plant operations.

Common Energy & Power Industry Challenges

Poor material flow in the Energy and Power industries will yield electrical generation losses, throughput limitations, non-uniform processing, dust emissions/spillage, bunker fires, and even equipment failure.  These problems require frequent operator intervention and increase maintenance costs.  A significant amount of equipment designed decades ago to receive, convey, crush and pulverize traditional fossil fuels is no longer suitable for handling biomass or biofuels used for co-firing.

Common Materials Handled

Below, please find a shortened list of the bulk materials we have successfully handled in the Energy & Power industry to date. Please note the below list is just a small sampling of the materials we've handled for clients in the Energy & Power industry.

  • Coal
  • Coke
  • Lignite
  • Reagents (limestone, lime, trona)
  • Gypsum (from FGD)
  • Fly ash
  • Biomass
  • Tire or waste derived fuels
  • Wood pellets
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  • Anthracite
    • Coal
    • Culm
    • Silt
  • Bottom Ash
  • Coal
    • Ash
    • Bituminous
    • Brown
    • Dust
    • Export
    • For Foundry Coke
    • High Sulfur
    • High Volatile
    • Low Grade Seam
    • Low Sulfur
    • Metallurgical
    • Pulverized
    • Shale
    • Slag
    • Stoker
    • Sub-bituminous
    • Waste
    • w/Freeze Conditioning Agents
    • w/Shot Coke
    • w/Shredded Tires
    • w/Wood
  • Coke
    • Calcinate
    • Dust
    • Fines
    • Flour
    • Petroleum
    • Shot
    • Sponge
    • Tailing
    • Sand Blend
  • Culm
  • Fly Ash
  • Gob
  • Lignite
  • Oil Shale
  • Oil sands
  • Synthetic Gypsum
  • Tar Sand
  • Tire Chips
  • Reagents – lime, limestone, pebble lime, coarse lime, trona, soda ash, dolomite

Energy & Power Industry Clients

Below, please find a sampling of clients who we have successfully provided bulk material engineering services for in the Energy and Power industries.

  • AEP
  • Duke/Progress Energy
  • Southern Power
  • Ameren
  • FirstEnergy
  • TVA
  • Dominion
  • PSE&G
  • Xcel Energy
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  • Alstom Power, ABB Combustion, American Electric Power
  • Atomic Energy of Canada
  • B. C. Hydro, Canada
  • Detroit Edison
  • Consumers Power
  • Crows Nest Resources, Canada
  • N.S.W. Electricity Commission, Australia
  • Edmonton Power, Canada
  • Eldorado Nuclear, Canada
  • Electricity Supply Commission, So. Africa
  • General Electric, Keiwit Power,
  • National Power Corp., Philippines
  • New Brunswick Power, Canada
  • Ohio Edison
  • Ontario Hydro, Canada
  • Pennsylvania Electric
  • Pyropower
  • Riley Stoker
  • Saskatchewan Power, Canada
  • Southwest Public Service
  • Standard Oil of California
  • Standard Oil, Ohio
  • Suncor, Canada
  • Syncrude Canada
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Triton Coal
  • Union Electric
  • Unocal
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • VTT Fuel and Process Technology, Finland
  • Western Energy
  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Wisconsin Public Service

Energy & Power Industry Services

We offer a wide array of services for the Energy & Power industries:

Whether you are reclaiming fuel from a stockpile, feeding biomass for co-firing with a fossil fuel, or conveying waste streams to storage silos, Jenike & Johanson can help you achieve reliable material flow and powder transport at your Energy and Power facilities.

Explore our solutions, review case studies, or contact us so we can help you to solve or prevent costly material flow problems experienced in the Energy & Power industry.