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What’s the solution so I know how to budget the project?

This is a common question we are asked by clients with bulk solids flow problems in their plant. Typical problems might be: Segregation and blending issues resulting in product reject Material bridging/arching and ratholing in a bin causing a no-flow … Continue reading

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Feasibility Study Assistance

Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, front-end-loading (FEL 1 and 2), whatever you might call the upfront work in deciding whether or not a bulk solids handling project should go through, we can help. A feasibility study is the analysis of how … Continue reading

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Silo inspection: Be proactive not reactive

Changing the oil in my car may be the least favorite chore that I have to do on a regular basis. Taking 30 minutes to sit in a garage while the oil is drained and replaced is a huge hassle, … Continue reading

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Training – you get the “bang for your buck”?!

Let me ask a simple question – can you recall the last time you received effective training that yielded an immediate payback/return-on-investment (ROI)? If you can recall this training event, can you think why it was effective and impactful?  What … Continue reading

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Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook

I own all eight editions of Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook. The ninth edition will be issued this year, and Dr. John Carson and I have written the section on bulk solids flow and hopper design. The ninth edition will include our … Continue reading

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Components in Storage Structure for Bulk Solids – Part 1

The Structural Group at Jenike & Johanson will start a series of blogs where not only we will be discussing about components in bulk solids storage structures such as bins, silos, bunkers, vessels, etc. but also about basic structural engineering … Continue reading

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It’s a New Year – Time to Reflect and Plan

It’s that time again – a new year is upon us providing a fresh start. Our bellies are full of treats and our minds have had time to rest. We reflect on all that was accomplished in 2016 and plan … Continue reading

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Whiteboard Friday: Effective Head

Our Project Engineer Josh Marion about effective head and why we use it.

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Interaction Effects Between Silos and Supporting Structures

As one of the most remarkable structures from medieval era, Leaning Tower of Pisa is worldwide known not only as a symbol of national monument but also as a pleasant engineering mistake. The tower has leaned from the start because … Continue reading

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Site Visits

One of the things that I enjoy about my job as a project engineer at Jenike & Johanson is that I get to travel to many places.  I have visited 40 states and 19 countries.  Sadly, my luggage has gone … Continue reading

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