The Value of Getting it Right the First Time

December 10, 2014


Commonly, we are known as the bulk solids “problem solvers.” Believe me, we’re happy to have that reputation, but even better for us (and our clients), would be to prevent problems in the first place. Many times every year, we are called in to look at solids handling and storage systems (bins, chutes, stockpiles, conveyors) that are basically brand new, but do not perform to specification.

Commonly, the justification for bringing us in as an outside consultant is a significant and ongoing loss of production as a result of the solids handling issues. Fortunately, we are usually able to recommend and engineer solutions to the problems to help the production get back on track.

But what if, instead of bringing us in as the problem solvers, we were brought in as the problem preventers? The costs to bring us in at the beginning of a new project are usually small in comparison to the costs of a startup with lots of unforeseen handling problems. Add to this the cost of modifying brand new equipment to improve solids flow, it starts to make perfect sense to involve solids handling consultants early in your projects.

Now, instead of enduring months (or even years) of lost production before involving J&J, let’s start working together in the early conceptual stages of new projects, and let’s get it right the first time!

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