The case of the singing silo.

October 28, 2015

Barry had just started to work third shift at the plant a few weeks ago when he heard “it” the first time. Walking down the line because for some reason the conveyor wasn’t quite being filled quite enough; must be a stopped up hopper, again. Luckily Barry brought his sledgehammer, just to loosen the hopper, it had nothing to do with the huge shadows along the wall that always seemed like they were just about to jump out at Barry. “It’s all in my head, there’s nothing scary going on here… just a normal night at the plant” Barry reassured himself as he gripped his sledge just a little tighter. That’s when Barry heard it….


Barry just about dropped his sledgehammer (good thing he was wearing his OSHA approved steel toed boots) and ran all the way back to the office where Harry was waiting. “You heard it?” asked Harry.

Barry replied, “You bet I heard it. What are we going to do about it?”

“What do you mean what are we going to do about it? Order an exorcism? It’s just our resident ghost saying hi to you” Harry said.
Barry quipped “Nope, That’s the sound of a silo in distress! Something isn’t quite right with the loading of that silo. We had the same problem at my last plant and Jenike & Johanson came in and solved the issue with engineering and not an exorcism!”

Somewhere in US there is a bulk solids handling plant that is haunted. But most of the things that are going bump in the night are just silos and hoppers calling out for some love and attention. So if you’ve got some noisy silos, who you gonna call? Jenike & Johanson, that’s who!

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