Join us at Coal-Gen and Power-Gen next week

December 02, 2015


Dr. Jayant Khambekar
Dr. Jayant Khambekar

Join regional manager, Jayant Khambekar Ph.D., next week at Coal-Gen and Power-Gen 2015 in Las Vegas. December 8th Dr. Khambekar will be leading an open discussion on the challenges that face renewables and the reliable delivery of fuel to the power plant, fuel specifications, and material handling challenges of various types of biomass fuel.

Wednesday, December 9th, Dr. Khambekar will lead sessions on the Latest Trends in Chute Design and a session on Flowability Considerations.

Dr. Jayant Khambekar is the Regional Manager at Jenike & Johanson’s Houston, Texas office. Jenike & Johanson is a specialized engineering firm that focuses on providing reliable bulk solids flow. Jayant is involved in consulting to solve flow problems as well as in designing new solids storage and feeding systems. While he has worked on several projects for various industries, his focus is on power industry.

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