October 14, 2015

It is with great pleasure that I anounce that this year Jenike & Johanson Ltd. (JJL) Mississauga, Canada turned 40. Having personally witnessed 25 of those 40 years I am very proud when I look back at our accomplishments.


JJL was formed by Dr. David Goodwill and Dr. Harvey Griggs, in Toronto, Canada on August 9th, 1975, headed by David. It started small with two full time employees, and has grown to 9. In 40 years, we have completed over 1800 projects and tested more than 3000 bulk solids. We have cultivated close business ties with many firms around the globe. We have contributed value to the bulk solids handling industry through R&D and education. Our staff has been instrumental in starting two new J&J offices: JJC inViña del Mar, Chile in 1994, and JJA in Perth WA, Australia in 2012.

History-1966-Andrew-Jenike-HeadshotOf course, a special thank-you must go to Dr. Andrew Jenike, whose ground-breaking development of the basic theory of modern day Solids Flow Theory and test equipment for solids flow in the 1950’s and his formation of Jenike & Johanson Inc. in Massachusetts in 1966 (they turn 50 next year!) made it possible for the J&J global family to provide industry with formerly unavailable design criteria on hoppers and feeders.

Even though we have remained a small company, our growth can be measured by our esteem in the bulk solids handling sector, our capabilities, and our commitment to solving our clients’ problems. When I reflect on J&J’s history I am proud of all our accomplishments but am most proud of the knowledge that our past clients hold us in high regard and now come to us as a matter of course and {I hope that} that our new ones will too!

It is also a good reason to have a party! This will be our second one this year. In late June, we celebrated Richard Jenkyn’s retirement after 34 years with JJL. He was the third full-time employee and worked as a project and structural engineer and was JJL’s VP for 10 years. The office has not been the same since he left, but, of course with JJL’s 40th Birthday Party on the horizon, I’m looking forward to seeing not only him, but David Goodwill and Harvey Griggs also.

I want to congratulate everyone, staff and clients alike, who have played a role in making JJL what it is today!

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