Feasibility Study Assistance

September 21, 2017

Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, front-end-loading (FEL 1 and 2), whatever you might call the upfront work in deciding whether or not a bulk solids handling project should go through, we can help. A feasibility study is the analysis of how successfully a project can be completed. We can assess technical feasibility by providing or reviewing conceptual designs/layouts and cost estimates for bulk solids handling projects.

All too often the technical portion of the feasibility study with regards to the flow of bulk materials gets missed and is pushed to a later part of the project. Often cut and paste designs are used from previous projects as holding points without accounting for the flowability of the material. Then the project is built around false assumptions that are not always revisited once the project moves forward into the design stage.

One time, I went to a new plant that had a unique hopper and feeder design not suited for the material. The feeder could not start up when the silo was full because of the load on the feeder. Even when it did run, material sat stagnant in the silo and would self-combust. Not only was the plant unable to operate, it also had to deal with fire and safety issues. In speaking with the operators, they couldn’t understand how such a system was installed. The best guess was that the design was copied and pasted from a different plant during the feasibility stage and was never revisited in the design phase. The cost of modifications after construction is complete is significantly higher than planning the correct design during the concept development phase as seen in the chart below.

Using our 51 years of bulk solids expertise, we can guide you down the correct road so that the feasibility study is based on sound assumptions with regards to flow.

Your feasibility study is only as good as your assumptions. Let us be a part of your team or run your feasibility study altogether. We’ve worked in all industries and can put our experience to action with your company to develop conceptual designs, perform feasibility studies, and cost estimates to best support you in your effort to have a successful project.

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