Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Problems that occur when storing, conveying, or processing powders and other bulk solids sometimes lead to litigation.  Examples include: structural failure of silos, serious injury or death caused by solids equipment not performing as designed, inability to meet contract performance guarantees, fires or explosions when operating bulk material handling equipment.

Most litigation support is provided by Dr. John Carson, Chairman of the Board for Jenike & Johanson, and Dr. Andres Orlando, PE, Senior Project Engineer for Jenike & Johanson.  Several other senior engineers assist our litigation support team; these include Jim Prescott, Eric Maynard, Brian Pittenger, and Dr. David Craig.

This team has the necessary theoretical knowledge of how bulk solids behave and over four decades of practical knowledge in real world applications.  Dr. Carson’s unique, specialized knowledge in this field is possessed by few others in the world.  Since he spends most of his time solving industrial problems — not on litigation support — Dr. Carson is able to provide seasoned advice and credible testimony.  He has assisted in nearly 100 legal matters, been deposed over 20 times, and appeared at more than ten trials.  He has been judged qualified to testify in both federal and state courts, and has also testified at arbitrations and mediations.

Typical Applications – Expert Witness & Litigation Support

  • Liability Claims
  • Contract Disputes
  • Worker Safety
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Negligence
  • Patent Infringement


The client’s insurer and I attended a mediation with all parties to the litigation. At this point, we have reached a tentative settlement of all claims with all parties on behalf of our client.

Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, I can say that given the magnitude of the potential liability and claims being made, the tentative settlement reached is quite favorable. I should also say that your advice on the issues in this case throughout has been invaluable in guiding us to this denouement, for which I thank you on behalf of myself, my co-counsel and for our client.

Project Examples – Expert Witness & Litigation Support

  • Equipment supplier accused of negligence when workers were injured from uncontrolled powder flow from a storage vessel
  • Owner accused an equipment supplier of providing defective equipment because it was unable to meet performance guarantees
  • Owner accused an engineering firm of negligence with a bulk solids compaction/agglomeration system
  • Engineering firm accused of negligence in design of foundation under a silo complex that settled and caused damage to a set of storage bins
  • Owner accused of negligence in the death of a worker in a farm silo
  • Owner accused a supplier of negligence that resulted in fires and dust explosions in their plant performing powdered paint coating

What’s Next?

Contact us to discuss your expert witness and litigation support needs.  With our extensive team of experts, unique technology available for analyzing powder and bulk material behavior, and highly experienced staff, Jenike & Johanson is the world’s leading engineering firm who can effectively support your legal applications.