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Review of a proven step-by-step method for effective silo design (Webinar)

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Presented by: Eric Maynard

The procedure for developing a design for a storage vessel for a bulk material is not commonly taught at the university level. Rather, many companies rely upon equipment vendors to provide silo designs for a powder or granular solid. It has been documented in many cases where the silo design was not appropriate for the bulk material to be handled, and as a consequence, costly flow problems have resulted in the solids handling system.

This session will provide a proven, practical step-by-step procedure for designing a bulk storage system fundamentally based upon the measured characteristics of the powder or granular bulk solid. A set of requirements will define the design process, while example flow properties will be utilized to guide the selection of the silo cylinder, hopper, and feeder equipment. This topic is critical to all industries in which bulk solids are being handled, processed, or refined because greater emphasis is being placed on process optimization, safety, and cost reductions, all of which are often dependent upon reliable bulk solids handling.

April 2, 2019 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm