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One Day with J&J: Baton Rouge

A bulk handling seminar

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Let us help you create a highly productive, problem-free, and safe bulk solids handling environment! Join us in Baton Rouge to attend our renowned course on bulk material handling and science. The course will help you learn how and where to apply proven techniques to maximize production efficiencies. Additionally, we will show you some often overlooked places and equipment that if improperly designed or operated can have consequences to production. Our instructors share real world experiences that are directly applicable to daily plant operations. You will learn how to diagnose, alleviate, and prevent many common problems that arise from improper bulk solids handling.

This course will provide:

  • Insights into critical flow problems that arise when powders and bulk solids are handled in silos, bins, hoppers, and transfer chutes and how those problems affect safety and reliability
  • Overview of pneumatic conveying and purge columns
  • Hands on demonstrations of the good, the bad, and the ugly of material flow
  • Understanding of how to characterize a material’s flow properties
  • Discussions of proven, practical, and cost-effective design solutions and safe handling practices


September 12, 2019
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