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How To Tackle Common Powder Flow Issues

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More than 70% of all products contain ingredients that are handled in bulk solid form at some point during the production process. While bulk solid and powder handling is extremely common in industry, even some of the most basic fundamentals of material handling remain poorly-understood – largely because our education generally only focuses on handling liquids and gases, while bulk solids handling is usually left out. This lack of understanding often leads to numerous problems that can significantly delay project startup, bottleneck production, increase labor requirements, impact product quality, and potentially create unsafe working conditions. This presentation will focus on some of the most common material handling problems – e.g., flow stoppages/plugging, erratic flow, material non-uniformity, etc. – and will discuss proven and practical scientific approaches for solving them.

  • What the attendees will learn
  • Flow stoppages, i.e., arching/plugging and ratholing.
  • Fine powder discharge rate limitations.
  • Uncontrolled flooding or flushing.
  • Particle segregation, which often leads to product nonuniformity.
  • Particle degradation, e.g., spoilage or caking.

The approach for resolving them often includes material testing to determine your material’s characteristics under representative conditions, and designing storage bins and feeders to promote reliable flow with consistent product quality.

September 25, 2019 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm