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Design of Successful Bulk Flow Systems for Hydromet Operations

ALTA 2020

An introduction to the science of bulk solids flow from a hydrometallurgist’s (an allied professional’s) perspective, covering common problems that can occur in hydromet flowsheets together with simple, practical steps that can be taken to solve, but ideally avoid them.

As mining and mineral processing technologists, our primary purpose is to add value to materials through physical and chemical transformations via the judicious selection and then optimisation of the building blocks of our profession-unit operations. However, for unit operations featuring bulk solids, our efforts can be undermined if the flow is not controlled. Unlike the flow of liquids, the flow of bulk solids is complex and not well covered in undergraduate courses.

This intense course has been tailored specifically for hydrometallurgists to addresses this Blind Spot by providing a fundamental understanding of the science underpinning bulk solids flow behaviour together with simple, practical steps that can be taken to solve but ideally avoid common problems.

May 23 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
207 Adelaide Street
Perth, Australia
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