History Timeline

Our history begins with Dr. Andrew Jenike in the 1950’s. In 1966, he founded Jenike & Johanson, Inc., putting his knowledge and insight to work solving numerous industrial bulk solids handling problems.

1960 Dr. Andrew Jenike designs world’s first mass flow bins for Iron Ore Corporation of Canada.


Jenike & Johanson incorporated by Dr. Andrew Jenike.

First project while incorporated: Celanese mass flow silo design to store and feed polymer flakes

Development of innovative solution for handling finely ground anthracite coal at Elektrokemisk in Norway


Briquetting technology developed for Morton salt in Port Huron

1970 Current president, John W. Carson, joins Jenike & Johanson

1974 Syncrude tar/oil sand saturated storage and feed system design

1975 Jenike & Johanson opens Billerica, Massachusetts office and the Toronto, Canada office

1977 Uranium dioxide on-site testing performed at Hanford, Washington

1978 Computerized processing of flow property data (RAFP)

1982 Jenike & Johanson opens San Luis Obispo, California office

1984 Novel tester for abrasive wear patented


New low profile slide gate design for slotted hopper outlets.

John W. Carson named President of Jenike & Johanson

1988 Novel chute for high speed belt-to-belt material transfer patented

1991 Current CEO, Herman Purutyan, joins Jenike & Johanson

1993 Unique decaffeination vessel for coffee beans patented

1994 Jenike & Johanson opens Viña del Mar, Chile office

1995 Invented proprietary solids handling and analysis CAE package

1996 Purge, stripping, drying, tempering, vessel design patented

1998 D6128 ASTM std. for flowability tests established; BMHB, EFCE

1999 Pharmasok™ innovative system eliminates dusting segregation

2000 Dow Technology Award for flake dryer developed by J&J

2001 Pioneering converging-diverging hopper developed

2002 NFPA 8503 Standard for mass flow coal bunker design

2003 Segregation testers ASTM 6940 and 6941

2006 New world headquarters located in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

2007 Dr. Jenike receives BMHB greatest contribution to the 20th century

2008 Co-developed material sparing segregation testers with Pfizer

2009 Developed in-house Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Capabilities

2012 Jenike & Johanson opens Perth, Australia office

2013 Jenike & Johanson opens Houston, Texas and Brazil offices

2014 Jenike & Johanson breaks ground on global headquarters expansion