SME Annual Conference – Evaluating Transfer Chute Design for Increased Throughput or For Use with a Different Material

2017-02-19 | - |

In this cyclic environment, capital costs are kept to a minimumduring downturns. This requires existing assetsto be used to their full potential. Other times it meansexploring different types of material to mine while usingthe existing equipment to handle the different ore. Whilethese changes may make sense on the books, it critical toevaluate how the new material or increased throughputwill flow in the existing system. When a plant increasesthroughput or changes the material, handling equipmentsuch as belt-to-belt transfer chutes often fail to performreliably. Some of the problems associated with failed chute designs include: plugging, excessive wear of chute surfaces, unacceptable dust generation, high beltwear, and product spillage. These problems often leadto significant maintenance costs because of the needto unplug chutes, pick up spillage, or frequently replacewear liners. Poorly performing chutes can cause environmentalproblems and production losses. This talkdiscusses the best approach to evaluate if the throughputof an existing transfer chute can successfully beincreased, and whether or not a new material will flowthrough an existing chute.

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