Your Needs

You want to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.  We can help.

Do you need to solve poor flow, reduce product quality variability, tackle an out-of-control process, or prevent equipment failure?  Or, do you have a project that demands reliable bulk material handling to meet productivity, safety, and quality goals?

Whatever your unique powder or bulk material handling needs are, our team of experts can help you find solutions.  Bulk material handling can be fraught with difficulties such as:

The key to solving/preventing handling problems is through knowing their causes.

If your need does not fall into one of the above categories, know that we are here to help you, and we draw from our experience from completing more than 7,500 different bulk material handling projects during our half-a-century in business.

Some other common bulk material handling needs involve:

  • Particle attrition (friability)
  • Powder caking (agglomeration)
  • Spillage, flooding, dust emissions
  • Cross-contamination, spoilage
  • Inventory or process control
  • Self-heating, dust explosions
  • Structure vibration, silo quaking
  • Abrasive wear, erosion, corrosion
  • Chute plugging and buildup
  • Content uniformity, formulations

If you have a powder or bulk material handling need you wish to discuss, contact us.