What key powder properties should be measured during development?

Material sparing sifting segregation tester
Material sparing sifting segregation tester

We are often asked what key powder properties should be measured at different stages of product development, particularly during formulation development vs. validation and commercial production. During formulation development, the focus is often upon selecting alternatives (components, suppliers, physical properties such as size), optimizing blend component quantities, and possibly surrogate selection, as well as evaluating the manufacturing process alternatives (granulation, direct compression, etc.). During commercial production, powder testing is often a critical part of any process, as well as part of equipment design and root cause analyses of flow problems, and blend and content uniformity variations.

During formulation development, we commonly conduct the following test services to assist clients in optimizing their formulations, using as little as 50 to 125 grams of material:



 At the validation or commercial production phase, we typically conduct a more complete test program to provide the basis for equipment and process design and review or trouble-shooting problems, using as little as 200 to 500 grams of material:



Jenike & Johanson is ready to assist you in designing robust products and processes by providing these key testing services, as well as engineering and consulting.