What are the best practices for measuring flow properties in a shear cell?

The measurement of powder flow in shear cells is often used in Quality by Design (QbD), where a powder’s flow properties may be a be considered Critical Material Attributes (CMA) or Critical Quality Attributes (CQA).  Although the value of shear tests is well established, there is often a lack of basic guidance for the characterization of these attributes.  Jenike & Johanson’s James Prescott and Andrés Orlando have joined industry and academic scientists in drafting documents that describe best practices for the characterization of the flow performance, as presented in an upcoming USP General Chapter <1063>, “Shear cell methodology for powder flow testing”.

section4_figure1 The chapter contains a summary of the current understanding of these fields, highlights the generally accepted experimental methodologies for measuring and reporting powder flow properties and provides a standardization of terminology and units of measurement.
Jenike & Johanson is ready to assist you in addressing any questions you have about conducting shear tests and applying the data to your QbD methods.