Rogerio Ruiz

Bulk Solids Quarterly – March 2014

Message From the CEO

We are dedicated to providing solutions to our clients so they can deliver their best.  We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest office, this one in Brazil, in the State of São Paulo, which will allow us to serve many more clients in that country. Rogério Ruiz, whom you will meet in these pages, is heading our office in Brazil. You will also meet Jairo Paternina, one of our Sr. Project Engineers in our Massachusetts office.

We are often called in to help clients solve solids processing problems, such as the content uniformity problem in a pharmaceutical operation discussed below.  Our vision is a day where solids handling problems are avoided right from the start by utilizing proper design techniques.

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J&J Opens New Office in Brazil

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Brazil:

Jenike & Johanson Brazil
Rua Monteiro de Barros 513, SL-1
Vinhedo, SP CEP 13.280-000 Brazil
Tel: +55 (19) 3886 1179

Vinhedo is 67km north of São Paulo (about an hour’s drive).  Through this office we will continue to deliver our full range of capabilities, serving clients in Brazil in a variety of industries including mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and beyond. Rogério Ruiz is the engineer in charge of this office. For further information regarding the new Brazil office please contact Rogério.

Product Quality Improved by Reducing Segregation


Particle segregation or demixing is a major concern, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where only very slight variations in the concentration of active drug are permitted.  Drugs that are produced in solid dosage form (i.e., tablets and capsules), contain many ingredients.  If the active ingredient is not uniformly distributed, the finished product will not fall within content uniformity specifications and the entire batch may be rejected.

A leading pharmaceutical firm was in the process of validating a new tablet product, which begins with several ingredients being added to a tumble blender.  The blended material is then discharged into multiple bins. Initial tests during scale-up showed high active ingredient percentages in the tablets produced from the material which discharged last from each bin.

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Behind the Scenes at J&J

HeadlineRogerio Ruiz heads Jenike & Johanson’s Brazil office. Rogério has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Centro Universitário da Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial, a Master’s degree in structural analysis from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, and a global executive MBA through the OneMBA program at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He previously worked in the aeronautics industries in Brazil and the UK, moving on to heavy equipment manufacturing, always focusing on mechanical engineering, and structural and thermal analysis.

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Jairo Paternina works in Jenike & Johanson’s Tyngsboro office as a Senior Project Engineer. He is involved with designing and retrofitting solids handling and processing equipment for reliable flow and operation. He also analyzes and solves caking problems for handling powders in different industries, as J&J assists any company that has bulk material handling needs. Jairo has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Particulate Solids Handling.

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Jenike Featured Blog Post

Solids Handling in the Food Processing Industry – by Scott Clement

Many food products reach the consumer in powdered or granular form, and even more involve processing of this form of material, which we call a bulk solid, at some point in their manufacture.  These materials don’t always behave well in a manufacturing process, often finding their way to the root of problems that result in process downtime, product quality issues, excessive manpower or rework and reduced system capacity.  It is not uncommon for an otherwise viable new product to be abandoned when it becomes economically impractical to manufacture as a result of solids handling problems.

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Recent Publications

Powder and Bulk Solids Online: Sampling: A Vital Process in Evaluating Blending and Segregation Problem



Effective sampling is essential in determining the state of the blend in a mixer and in downstream equipment such as a bin, hopper, or packaging system. Though information on mechanisms of particle segregation and blending technology is available, general practices for sampling of powders is not as easily located. To achieve a high level of confidence in the quality of the samples extracted from a process, ponder the following five points regarding sampling.

First, know that a perfect blend does not guarantee a perfect product. Consider that every time a transfer step occurs in a powder handling process, the mix or blend has the potential to segregate. Common segregation mechanisms occurring during industrial powder handling applications include sifting, fluidization, and dusting depending upon which mechanism of segregation occurs, the fine and coarse particles will concentrate in different locations in the bin or hopper, thus rendering location-specific sampling results.

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March 25, 2014 Orlando, Florida
Cofiring Biomass: Material Handling Considerations

April 3, 2014 Boston Massachusetts
Eccentric Discharge From Silos: Bulk Solids Behavior, Loads and Structural Implications

May 12, 2014 São Paulo, Brazil
Powder Flow Basics

May 13, 2014 São Paulo, Brazil
Maintaining Blend and Content Uniformity in Pharmaceutical Processes


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