Bulk Solids Quarterly – Message From the CEO

This April marked the 60th anniversary of Dr. Andrew Jenike’s decision to dedicate himself to the field of bulk solids storage and flow. The scientific approach to bulk solids testing and equipment design he pioneered continues to benefit industries far and near, large and small, from toner recycling to manufacturing of cake mixes, from glass making to biofuel processing. Engineering processes and equipment designs based on the measured properties of the bulk solid to be handled ensures processes perform as desired right from the beginning, with high efficiency, high quality and without compromising worker safety.

We are continuing in Dr. Jenike’s footsteps and pushing bulk solids handling technology to new frontiers. With the advances in computer technology, Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) is becoming a viable analysis tool for certain applications (see our blog of the month). One of our projects involving DEM analysis of transfer chutes is highlighted in this issue.

Also highlighted in this issue is Martin Esaki, one of the engineers who works out of our Toronto office. Our engineers, now operating out of six offices, have a combined solids handling experience that exceeds 500 man-years. We are prepared to assist you in the design of your solids handling processes and equipment, with services ranging from material testing, conceptual/functional design to structural and mechanical design, to ensure a successful outcome.

Herman Purutyan, CEO
Jenike & Johanson