Meet Jignesh Patel

JigneshJignesh Patel joined Jenike & Johanson’s Tyngsboro, Massachusetts office in early 2014 as a Project Engineer in the Structural Group. He received his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from North Maharashtra University, India, and a Master’s degree in civil-structural engineering from Pune University in India. He came to J&J with over 10 years experience in structural engineering and management. Before joining J&J, he worked for a material handling EPC firm as a project structural engineer. In that capacity, he was responsible for planning and designing support structures for conveyor systems.

As a Project Engineer in the Structural Group, Jignesh is responsible for detailed structural engineering for storage, feeding, transfer, and conveying systems using advance structural design tools, along with site visit inspections and troubleshooting structural problems with existing silos and design retrofits.

Jignesh likes to spend time with his wife and 3-year old daughter, taking them on outings and picnics. He likes to read, and watch the news on TV. Recently he passed his EIT and looks forward to receiving his PE license in the future.

“Here at J&J, I have the opportunity to observe different bulk solids behaviors and combine that understanding with a complete engineering solution including structural design. I must say this is a unique area within the field of structural engineering which is very exciting to me – delivering the best engineering solutions to our clients by addressing their unique solids problems in collaboration with a team of experts at J&J.”