Bulk Solids Quarterly – Message From the CEO

HeadlineWhat do stuffing mix, copper and medicine that cures us have in common? The theoretical and practical understanding of solids flow pioneered by Jenike has been successfully applied to enhance quality and effectiveness of each of these products and the efficiency of the processes producing them. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Andrew Jenike’s birthday, a brilliant engineer whose work changed the way handling equipment is designed around the world. Today, Jenike & Johanson, the company he founded, has been serving clients in practically every industry, in every corner of the world.

This year we are also celebrating our 20th anniversary in Chilé. As you will read in Alfredo’s blog entry below, the mining industry in South America has advanced significantly in the past two decades. We are proud to be part of the advance, partnering with our clients to ensure their operations are efficient and safe, and their investments are maximized.

As good stewards of Jenike’s work, we are continuing to develop and build on the theory and the analysis tools to model and design complex solids handling systems. There is much more to do and develop in this field, and we are committed to being in the forefront of it. We are committed to a future where trouble-free solids handling and processing systems are the norm everywhere in the world, and not the exception.