Atul Kulkarni

Meet Atul Kulkarni

Atul KulkarniAtul Kulkarni received his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from University of Pune, India. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (with a structural concentration) at University of Missouri, Kansas City, which he expects to complete by 2017.

Before joining J&J, Atul worked as a structural project engineer for a material handling EPC firm, where he was responsible for planning and designing support structures for conveyor systems. Atul came to J&J with 10 years of structural engineering experience in heavy industrial, material handling, power plant, petrochemical, water/wastewater, federal facilities, commercial, residential, and institutional building engineering.

Here at J&J, Atul performs and reviews structural analyses and designs of solids storage structures, such as bins, silos, and bunkers as well as loading (internal and external) analyses for such structures. He visits plants to conduct structural assessments of bulk solids structures, determines their suitability for continued use, and designs modifications for safe operation. Atul also conducts stress and fatigue analyses for complex bulk solids structures and investigates the failures of steel and concrete silos using FEA and other methods.

Atul cleared his Professional Engineer exam in 2012 and holds a professional engineer (PE) license for states of Missouri and Texas. He recently used his PE stamp for the first time while at J&J

“I really like how J&J heavily invests in training their employees and keeping them ahead of the game; also, the flex time work schedule is amazing and I can balance my workload effectively. “