Meet Terry Tan

HeadlineTerry Tan received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in metallurgical engineering from Northeastern University in China, and obtained his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Newcastle in 2009. Before joining Jenike & Johanson (J&J), Terry worked for Schenck Process Australia as a process engineer in the Bulk Material Handling Weighing and Automation department, where he primarily dealt with surge bins, weigh bins, and train loaders. The equipment is used to load material, such as iron ore and coal, onto trains in a continuous motion at a high tonnage rate.

As a senior project engineer at J&J, Terry has armed himself with special bulk material handling skills such as bin loads, capacity calculations, transfer chute designs, and bin/stockpile/feeder designs. Terry has worked on many successful mining projects and meets with clients on site visits and at conferences. He is glad to be part of a growing business and a strong team.

When he is not working, Terry enjoys having dinner with family and playing with his two children. He also plays soccer in the winter for the Canning City SC club in Perth, where he is a strong defensive player. Playing defense is a very fitting position since his name “Terry” comes from the “Terracotta Warriors” that protected the first Emperor of China. So Terry is our soldier warrior!

“The best part about working at J&J is the team effort put into every project,” he says. “This means that we can confidently deliver a quality report to our clients that includes all of our expertise and meets committed project dates.”