Meet Jarant Johnson

20131122DR0477Jarant Johnson joined the Jenike & Johanson team in August 2013 and has been involved in materials testing for various samples. Jarant obtained a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia, where he specialized in mechanical engineering. He spent ten years within the mining and construction industries and took on project management and site-based roles for a number of projects involving coal, alumina, iron ore, and other resources. He also has experience designing mining and process equipment, including conveyors, crushing equipment, and feeders.

At J&J, Jarant often analyzes conveyor transfer chute designs to locate areas of increased wear, to identify bulk solids ores that may cause problems, to determine the implications of increasing throughput, and to establish whether a design must be changed for a material with different properties. He has also been learning about the Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) package that J&J uses and enjoys presenting our courses on the science of bulk solids flow to others in the industry.

When he isn’t solving bulk material engineering problems, Jarant likes cooking and taking his two boys, ages 4 and 1, on picnics and outings. He has also started taking Tae Kwan Do classes again. “The best part of working for J&J is working along side our clients to deliver a scientific solution to their unique problem(s). Each one of our clients has a story about their operation that is interesting and informative and I really enjoy the collaborative approach that we at J&J use in solving problems.”